Williamsburg Jewelers

A  heart-felt, "Welcome!  We'll help you find what you're looking for -- and we stand behind every piece of  jewelry we sell." -- is very evident when you walk into Williamsburg Jewelers in historic Williamsburg, Virginia U.S.A.
Mike at Williamsburg Jewelers

Visit their website -- and see the positive, engaging and fun ways Michael and his team are part of their community.

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We are thrilled when our customers enjoy selling all of the Nicole Barr Collection!

The team at Williamsburg Jewelers are enthusiastic to offer their customers our colorful jewelry -- and are knowledgeable about the enameling process.  As well as displaying a large selection of jewelry, they show the full collectioin using their in-store monitor.

Their 2 x 3' framed poster:
Nicole Barr at Williamsburg Jewelers
A sample of an ad they put in "Williamsburg's Next Door Neighbors' magazine:

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