"Nicole Barr Sells Throughout the Year"

Lewis Pacheco, owner of Pacheco's Jewelry in Taunton Massachusettes, was interviewed by Southern Jewelry News:
"I've had really good luck selling designs by Nicole Barr throughout the year and the holiday season. She creates these really neat transluscent glass sterling silver pieces of jewelry that retail from $150 to $299.  My customers love them."

Thank you, Lewis!  We love creating these unique pieces for your customers. -- Nicole Barr

Stop in or  Visit their website:

"Pacheco's Jewelry was established in 1993 by Lewis Pacheco of Taunton, and until this day is a family run business. It was started with the commitment to provide beautiful and high quality jewelry at an affordable price. Over the years styles and trends have changed but at Pacheco's Jewelry the commitment to quality and service has not. 

Pacheco's Jewelry is well known in the downtown area of Taunton and its surrounding communities. Pacheco's Jewelry has also been voted Best of the Best Jewelry Store for the last thirteen years straight."
Pacheco Jewelers

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