The Dancing Colors of the Aurora Collection


New for 2021!  The Aurora Collection brings fired enameling to new levels in these graceful designs with twirling shapes and shimmering colors -- featuring the free-hand enameling technique that ensures each piece is one of a kind.

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The colorful, dancing night sky of the Northern Lights -- was the inspiration behind our new Aurora Collection.

First, a good picture was needed for our artists to capture the flowing colors of the Aurora Borealis.

Then we created a pattern in the mold to guide our skilled enamelists -- so that they could blend several enamel colors -- which were later fired at extremely high temperatures. 

The circle design shows the silvery moon with the vibrant night sky reflected inside. 

On some designs we twisted and elongated the shapes -- enameled the piece on both sides -- and added a new and exclusive bale that swivels on the necklace chain.

Each piece is hand-enameled -- resulting in a one-of-a-kind, work of art.

(Retail Prices from $200 to $245.)

Just in! As requested by our customers, matching earrings!

AND Three 18K Pendants


Colors to Match Fashions All Year Long

Want to learn more?  For millennia, people have viewed the southern and northern lights and created their own myths and folklore explaining the dancing lights they saw in the sky. Today scientists understand that auroras form when solar particles collide with Earth’s upper atmosphere. The colors of the aurora are determined by which gases are excited by the solar plasma.


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