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  • Mix it Up!

    Author: Joanne Leitschuh

    Up! Some of our retailers added our colorful pearl jewelry to their classic pearl display. Click here to see 140 Pearl and enamel designs ( from Akoya to Freshwater to South Sea ) : Read More

  • Mother's Day

    Author: Joanne Leitschuh

    Showing appreciation to mothers who mean so much to us -- Gold Keepsake Pendants,  Click here to see all designs. Read More

  • Pretty in pink ... and diamonds, of course.

    Author: Joanne Leitschuh

    Click here to see all pink silver and gold jewelry and cufflinks. Read More

  • Shop by Color

    Author: Joanne Leitschuh

    ... for eye-catching window displays -- or to bring out the pretty green in that new outfit. Click here to see all designs. Read More