• Dragonfly Jewelry

    Author: Joanne Leitschuh

    The dragonfly is much loved for the beauty of its colors, the lightness of its wings and its scintillating body. Nicole Barr’s newest 18 K designs capture this lightness and beauty with shimmering translucent enamel and diamonds -- sure to bring joy to whoever it gently lands on!  Click here… Read More

  • Contempory Designs for A/W 2017

    Author: Joanne Leitschuh

    Strong lines and vibrant colors are key to Nicole Barr's new A/W Contemporary Collection.  Click here to see all designs.  Read More

  • "Dear Dad, you mean the world to me. Happy Father's Day!

    Author: Joanne Leitschuh

    Click here to see all enamel cufflinks by Nicole Barr. Read More

  • Why not splash out in retro or abstract designs this season?

    Author: Joanne Leitschuh

    The vogue for geometric or abstract designs comes and goes. From the clean elegance of Art Deco pieces to the strong repeating patterns from the Retro area, geometry is a theme that gets recycled every few decades.  These graphic personal pieces in chromatic colors slip effortlessly into a wardrobe.  … Read More

  • "Happy Mother's Day ...

    Author: Joanne Leitschuh

    "... because you've always been there for me. "  Click here to see more floral matching sets. Read More